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Top of the Otways - Sustainable & Organic Farm Stay
Your New Hosts!

Your hosts are Celine and Josh. The custodianship of the land was passed from Hamish and Sarah to us in mid-October 2012. Hamish and Sarah are now off on their next adventure and we wish them both the very best of luck! We intend to maintain and preserve the sustainable and organic farm stay that they created, and build on it to make it even more sustainable & organic!
Josh is a ‘green’ electrician and will be adding to Top of the Otway’s green credentials by adding renewable energy systems, to bring the farm stay as close to self-sufficient as we can make it.

Celine is an engineer working in the energy efficiency sector and is passionate (read: slightly obsessed) with permaculture. Permaculture is a method of ‘permanent’ ‘agriculture’. It’s an ecological design system for living, based on natural ecosystems. In other words, it’s about building your house and garden around nature – working with nature rather than against it. Celine will be applying her permaculture design knowledge to the farm stay, again, in an effort to make it as self-sufficient as possible.

At Top of the Otways we are very conscious of sustainability, as you can see! So if there is a better way of doing something in a more sustainable way, we love our guests to share their ideas and knowledge with us.

Drop in, give us a call or email us at
We’re also both vegetarians.

For more information on vegetarianism, see this great website

Eco Friendly Initiatives:

  • We encourage recycling and sorting of rubbish - bins provided in accommodation.
  • We use your fruit and vegetable scraps for compost – bin provided in accommodation.
  • The property is on tank water! Water can be an issue in summer, so we encourage shorter showers with water saving shower heads.
  • We’re installing renewable energy systems.
  • All cleaning products are environmentally friendly and 100% chemical free.
  • Hemp soap is supplied to our guests.
  • We reduce the embodied energy in our food by growing as much of our own food as possible. Around the property you’ll see orchards, berries, a veggie patch and the chickens that kindly provide us with eggs.
  • We’re both vegetarian!
  • We’re very animal-friendly here – just ask the chickens, sheep, our dog Skeets and our friendly goat Dodoni!